First Post

Hello to the one or two people who accidentally stumble onto this blog. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re about to grace yourself with my magnificent wisdom.

In all honesty, it’ll be amazing if I don’t forget about this thing in a few months. But, assuming I don’t, please don’t get mad at me when I share my opinion. You don’t agree with what I say on here? Fine, just post your reply and I might give it a glance. I really really doubt it, but there is a chance I’m going to be wrong on some of the posts I make. Hopefully I won’t have my head so far up my you-know that I can see my ignorance in your responses. Also, my grammar skills have taken hits over the past few years, so I’ll have none of that grammar nazi stuff.

Hopefully, I don’t post anything that I’ll regret on here.

Your humble informer,


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