Trump is right to get out of Syria

Today, President Trump announced the withdrawal of all ground troops from Syria, in a move that drew the ire of Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, among some on the left as well.

Make no mistake, the President has made the right move, a move that should have never been necessary, as we should have never gotten involved in the first place. Senator Graham called the move Obama-esque, while ignoring the fact that the former president made the exact opposite move when he intervened in Libya, creating a power vacuum of a country. Senator Graham should learn from the previous administration’s mistake (as well as the more obvious mistake of the prior administration’s intervention in Iraq).

Graham further compared the decision to President Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq. “If you leave now, the radicals that are still around are going to regenerate.” Then, Senator Graham made a questionable statement about the possible future of Syria: “Iran is going to be really happy,” Graham said, “and ISIS is going to get a shot in the arm, and Turkey is licking their chops.”

I’m not sure if Senator Graham realizes that those are opposing forces currently at fighting each other for control of Iraq and Syria. Our interventions always end up aiding one side in this conflict where neither side is truly justified. When we intervened in Syria to aid the rebels, we were undoubtedly aiding ISIS and other terrorist organizations. When we decided to fight off ISIS, we helped Iran. The fact of the matter is that our presence there does nothing to resolve the religious conflict that has persisted through the centuries. We accomplish nothing through our presence there, so we should withdraw.

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